Athens X-clusive Designers Week vol.2

December 29, 2013
1. infinite love

As promised.

Our 2nd collection presented at the Athens X-Clusive Designers Week for Spring / Summer 2013, was named “Infinite Love”  and it was a youthful and happy project and we truly enjoyed creating it.


1. infinite love

2. flower lady
2a. good people


Our main objective was to create a collection that would be fully commercial and complete, including from daily total looks , cocktail dresses , ” statement” t-shirts and swimwear.


3. pink flower

3.1. flower crown

3.2. great things

For the “Infinite Love” collection for Spring / Summer 2013, the major source of our inspiration was the music & style icon Lana Del Rey and the pleasant nostalgia and carefree mood of our teenage summers.

It was a pleasantly creative collection that we love and enjoyed very much while creating it.

3.3. lana delrey photo

3.4. lana delrey

3.5. pink roses

4. make up


Our main color palette consisted of pastel shades combined with deep and intense blue with a touch floral


4a. color palette


Moreover, we wanted to give a girlie and humorous touch in terms of the collection’s styling this is why we completed the models’ looks with some retro round sunglasses and floral headpieces.

5. flower girl backstage

6. flower model

7. flowers

8. think positive

10. retro shades


We aimed in presenting a “complete” collection that would create pleasant feelings of joy and carefree mood to our audience and clients.

And i think that we made it.


11. retro shades model

12. backstage girls

Backstage Snapshots.

13. oh shit

In general terms, we do  follow new trends and trend forecasts, however we want to maintain our own style in each of our collections.

Statement t-shirts for example. YES.

We do love t-shirts.

14. catwalk

15. catwalk model

16. swimsuit

17. swimsuit close up

Swimsuit time.


34. cotton candy

35. cotton candy model

Cotton Candy catwalk inspiration.


36. infinity


Jean Paul Gaultier retro sunglasses inspiration.


37. gown


When it comes to the fabrics, we focused on high quality materials with emphasis on silk , muslin and the soie sauvage.

We love to discover and use fine quality fabrics in order to embrace and flatter the female body, while creating a sense of comfort and femininity.
Some of our favorite fabrics which are always present from our collection is the silk, the muslin, the viscose and the silky transparency.


38. finale

39. finale

Grand Finale.


40. 15 minutes of fame

Interview about the collection.


41. interview

And of course: Our “15 minutes of fame” moment.

(Check out that face Antonia’s is pulling…)


42. do all things with love



And always remember: Do all things with love.


Creative fashion kiss,


Antonia & Mari

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